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Skyblock Saga RELEASE


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Skyblock SAGA Release!
The date of skyblock saga release is friday january 24th.

Hello everyone,
as we promised we are releasing Skyblock Saga. This season we have focussed on to make the economy hard. This season it's very hard to earn quick money, but as we tested it with a few testers. they like the new way of the economy. You now need to farm to actually earn money and level-up and more.

This season, a lot of items you need to get yourself instead of purchase-able from /shop.

- End World
- Nether World
- Custom Drops
- New crates + Final rewards messages
- Season Crate
- Minions
- VoidChests [UNIQUE]
- Hopper Filter
- Chat Games
- Added InsaneCore a system that locks down the server when a plugin throws errors, or plugins did not startup well. This is to prevent data loss.
- Every hour auto backup system (saved on a external backup cloud)
- Mob Hoppers
- Crop Hoppers
- Look Hoppers
- Harvaster Hoe
- Sellwands
- McMMO /redeem
- Mobcoins
- Daily rewards /daily
- Island Missions /is missions
- Player vaults /pv
- Monhtly Crates
- Item renaming.
- /ranks gui, shows all perks.
- Custom Fishing
- Leveling Rankup System
- Spawners leveling unlock
- Mystery Money
- Auto island recalc
- Mystery Spawners Tiers
- Re-added /is coop
- Battle pass
- New spawn
- FPS PvP /warp fps
- Vouchers
- Parkour /warp parkour
- Chunk loaders ( Keep your chunk loaded even when you are offlline )
- Dropparty room /warp DP
- Harold in the spawn walking
- Custom World Guard
- Island Ratings

How does leveling work?
We added a way to make the eco harder, you need to have x mobs kills to unlock level-up. By leveling up you will unlock more and better spawners!

(Can't view this gif? Click me!

(Can't view this gif? Click me!

Managing Island Permissions
You now can easier edit your permissions for your team, guests. Allow them or disallow them for using them.

(Can't view this gif? Click me!

Chunk Hoppers
This is a system to keep your chunk loaded, this will make it like you are staying in a chunk behind a spawner, while your not online.

Island Ratings
You can now rate someone their island, give them 1 or 5 stars!

Island Missions
Make your experience harder by completing missions!

Island Settings
Configurate your island settings easyer with a gui.

VoidChest is a unique auto sell plugin. Having some extremely
configurable special chests, you can gain money by having items
automatically sold in fixed intervals.

BattlePass is a plugin, enabling you to offer a practical solution to keep your players active by allowing them to gain experience and rewards for completing tasks! You can now provide a free and premium pass!

- Rank kits have been renamed to the new ranks.
- Island levels have been balanced. Spawners have been added to the levels based on the spawner unlock levels and drops based.
- Useless blocks have been removed from the island level.
- Mob stacking limit have been set to 1000x
- Mob stack will kill all by falling No more by hitting them.
- Spawner stack has been set to 1000x
- Custom drops are added and based on /rankup and balanced with the eco sell prices.
- Island worth has been removed. only level.
- Added a system that disallows you for crafting blocks, and only get able from shop or crates.
- /trade have been updated
- A new voting system & voteparty have been added.
- Patched exploits, and a better notify system for staff when someone tries to exploit or bypass.
- Island upgrades has been removed, maybe it will be readded shortly.
- /shop menu has been redone and rebalanced, the economy will be very hard this season.
- Islands will now calculate by itself every 15 minutes.
- You now can coop other island owners with /island coop this was not working before.
- UPDATED Auto entity remover has been set to 30 minutes, instead of 5 minutes.
- Your inventory will be cleared by disband.
- Added a lot of kits purchase able from webstore & crates.

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